Firenze Osteria

Firenze Osteria

Welcome diners! Craving for Italian dishes? Looking for a place to conduct your Italian-themed party? Are you searching for Italian Café and Restaurant in your area? Then Firenze Osteria is here for you.

We are proud to serve West Allis for over 15 years now. Staying ahead in a city known for great restaurants is not an easy task, but this doesn’t hold us back. What makes us unique from other restaurants is that we are dedicated to our mission to bring good Italian dishes and customer experience in the city. We make our guests the top priority and meet their needs to the best of our ability.
Café Firenze Osteria is the ideal restaurant and food catering service for any occasion. Whether it’s just a simple party behind your luxury garage doors in Sedona, a casual lunch or a deluxe dinner, we are the man for the job. We treat each of our customers like family, with genuine hospitality as the core value we uphold in the company.

Café Firenze Osteria want you to not only have an authentic Italian meal but also a cozy and pleasant dining experience as well. We serve Italian dishes and comfort foods in an ambiance that combines both vibrant, classy and comfortable. From pizzas to a decadent filet mignon, sweet desserts, coffee, and wines, we have everything to suit any cravings that you may have. Only the freshest ingredients are used for every one of our products. We provide homemade dishes that blend Italian tradition with our own creative influence.

Come and experience our authentic Italian cuisine, while listening to the live piano music played by our in-house professional musicians. You can listen to this while soaking in the homey vibe of our restaurant interior, or as you observe the view while on the balcony of our restaurant.
With Firenze Osteria, you can also enjoy an extensive array of wines at our full-service bar! If you’re among our VIP members, you also get complimentary dessert of your choice every time you dine-in at our restaurant. Such membership card is being sold in-house and entitles you to many amazing discounts and privileges. Check out how to you can get one by contacting our customer service representatives today.
Firenze Osteria also accepts catering services. If you have any events or occasions coming up, and you need sumptuous dishes to impress your guests, then come to us for assistance. We guarantee you that you’ll never get disappointed with the huge selection of dishes we offer you. When you get our service, you’ll keep coming back for more. This is our dedication to you.

Italian cuisine

Interested? Contact us via email or visit our Café to inquire about our services. Friendly and accommodating staff awaits you. Whether you are craving Italian or just in search of a great meal in Milwaukee, stop by at Café Firenze Osteria for a visit. We are ready to serve you.
Come and join our little Italian Villa today. Check out our contact page on how you can reach us today.

Garage Door Repair – Reducing Noise

A garage door may make a variety of noises while opening or closing. It may be caused by several reasons such as, rumbling vibrations, motor noises, and other squeaks and squeals. Luckily, some sounds can be tracked and eliminated by simply making a few adjustments on your own. Major garage door problems need professional assistance like JT’s Overhead Door Cincinnati Garage Door Repair to be solved.

Garage door noises are likely caused by worn-out metal rollers. If your garage door has metal rollers, the first step is to replace them to reduce the operating sounds. Steel rollers with unsealed bearings get wear and tear with the passage of time which can shake the tracks while operating the garage door.  Nylon garage door rollers with ball bearings are good for softer and smoother operations which do not need any type of lubrication.  

While replacing the garage door rollers, you should also inspect the metal tracks to find out any loose hardware, dented or squeaky tracks, or broken hinges. If you experienced that your garage door is shaking or rattling as it runs along with the tracks, the loos hinges may be the reason behind it. You will have to tighten all the bolts, screws, and nuts but be careful not to over tighten them.

Furthermore, the springs on your machine can also contribute to the noises. Torsion garage door springs are larger and avoid the friction of cables on the horizontal tracks.  The best way to avoid major or costly garage door repairs is by conducting regular maintenance.

The simplest and most effective garage door maintenance technique is to lubricate all the rollers, springs, hinges, and bearings. It will help you to keep your garage door operating smoothly and quietly and also extend the life of the garage door in the long run.

If you still have a traditional garage door, it may not have advanced safety features such as rolling code technology and sensors. Old garage doors have a steel chain-driven garage door opener which is the nosiest form of the garage door opener.  Look for the operating units which are made with rubber belts and metal wires. They will help you to reduce noise drastically. To control the vibrations, make sure that your operators have efficient motor installed inside the metal case. 

If you don’t want to replace the entire mechanism, you will just change the old garage door opener with an electric garage door opener to control the noises and vibrations. Some garage door openers are attached along with the ceiling with the help of metal track supports, so even putting a small piece of rubber between the bolts and screws will work to reduce the vibrations before making the way into the garage door frames.

As you have experienced, it is very easy to handle the noise problems of the garage door. If you are not able to manage the garage door, don’t hesitate to call a professional garage door repair company. You will have to conduct garage door maintenance regularly to keep it functional. Keep an eye on all the loose metal brackets including hinges, tracks, and rollers at least once or twice a year to keep them tighten. A well-maintained garage door will be operated smoothly and efficiently in the long run.