About Us

Miguel, the owner of Café Osteria from Italy bring his skills in making coffee and passion for cooking Italian dishes in Milwaukee.

Firenze Osteria - About us

Café Osteria is a deluxe casual dining restaurant serving coffees, wines and Italian style cuisine. When you walk through the door of Café Osteria you will experience the ambiance of a true Italian place with a beautiful broad martini bar, large fireplace, and full leather sofas.

Miguel opened Café Osteria’s in 2012 with the vision of serving fresh, scrumptious Italian dishes in a warm, cozy and vibrant family atmosphere. They maintained the original vision of the restaurant since they’ve started while adding more creative ideas to the recipes and place.

Café Osteria was built with the idea of bringing to its customer the Italian vibes and an authentic Italian dining experience. Our goal was not only to serve freshest and scrumptious Italian meals but also to offer its customers a welcoming and consistent vibrant Italian atmosphere.

The Café Osteria takes pride in a family-friendly environment since it started. We are now proud to say that our staff members are still working and have been serving since we launched the Café. Almost 75% of diners coming in and out to our Café are loyal customers, thanks to the perfect combination of great service, and scrumptious foods.

Our traditional Italian menu features a variety of dishes made from the freshest ingredients to provide our diners with an authentic Italian meal. From pizzas and calzones to fish and filet mignon, we provide something for every taste and craving. Let us pair a wine with your meal from our selection of fine Italian wines. For diners with a sweet tooth, our delicious desserts and various tastes of coffee are the perfect way to end your meal at Café Osteria.

Thank you for taking time to read about our Café.