Firenze Osteria - Testimonials

We know that some of you may have a doubt trusting our Café, we understand that but see first what people say about our Café Firenze Osteria to know more.

Due to the friendliness of the staff and locals hanging out in Café Firenze Osteria, my loneliness was abated whenever I eat at this restaurant. The Café Firenze Osteria has become my second home because of the things I experience and discovered there. I recommended this Café to all of my friends and relatives. If you are ever near Milwaukee, stop in and get a taste of the best Italian Restaurant in Town – Café Firenze Osteria.
— Daniel.

When we first moved to the West Allis and visited the Café my kid was instantly enamored by the good ambiance of the place. The staff was friendly and hospitable, and they are one hundred percent ready to serve you. If you are new to the area, I highly recommend you visit them. You will feel like you are just at home savoring dishes. Extensive selection of wines? Outstanding services? Happy hour? Friendly environment? With Café Firenze Osteria, you name it they have it.
— Eunice

I have lived in Milwaukee for the past few years and we regularly go to Café Firenze Osteria every month. The food here is really great. Their dishes are always tasty and fresh. Accommodating staff plus, the ambiance is vibrant. I can say that we are Café Firenze Osteria’s customers forever.

Ate here twice on my recent trip, the first time because it was close to the hotel and the second because the first time really gave me a good experience. I especially love shrimp ravioli which was really tasty. I also love the salad, but only with raspberry vinaigrette as a dressing.